I've been playing Golf since I was about 11 years old. During my nine years in England and in the initial period in Germany I just played once or twice a year. I've been a member of Schloss Weitenburg in Germany since 1992 (I'm also a member in Rosslare G.C. in Ireland; where I play when I'm in Ireland in August each year) and have managed to reach a personal best handicap of three a few years ago, held it for a few years but am now back to four.
The highlights of my golf career were winning the BWGV Jungseniorenrangliste (Jungsenioren = Mid-Amateur) in 2002 and playing for the BWGV Seniors at the 2009 and 2010 Interstate Championships (Seniorenlaenderpokal).

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Golfclub Schloss Weitenburg

Golf in Germany

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I can neither play an instrument nor sing (except under the shower or when wearing headphones with the volume turned up so loud that I can't hear myself) but enjoy most types of music; except the variety where a fat lady tries to burst your eardrums (aka Opera). My lack of musical ability combined with my lack of red hair and the fact that I don't drink Guinness (but I do have a Guinness tee-shirt) is a constant source of disappointment for the natives here (but then they don't wear leather shorts all the time!).